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How to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery

Posted: September 20th, 2008 at 6:39 pm

I believe that there are many situations that doctors help their patients with identifying and treating diseases. For example, if you have a bacteria infection, then prescribing antibiotics may do the trick. My point is simply that doctors cannot and should not be expected be solve all of our problems. One could argue that you should go to a specialist that has special training in your area. I agree. Unfortunately, many people go to chiropractors, family doctors, etc and do themselves a disservice.

One of the lessons that I learned the hard way was that traditional doctors and other medical professionals really can’t help you with your computer-related injuries.

Here’s my story . . . After an intense few months at work under stress, I developed chest pain. I became very concerned and sought medical attention.¬†After spending several hundred dollars on an EKG, a blood test, Chest X-rays, and physical examinations, my doctor had no other recourse but to prescribe some anti-inflammatories or send me to a cardiologist. Obviously, this is just a single example and one should not make a sweeping generalization from it. However, from talking to chiropractors, doctors, reading blogs and other resources, I am convinced that my story is typical and not out of the norm. What makes my story unique is how I have solved the root cause of my problem. There are many people today living in intense pain without the insight or means to fix their problems. I want to change that.

The way I see it . . . Doctors can talk to you, prescribe and administer medication, perform surgeries, and run tests. None of these will change your work environment and solve the root cause. Unless your doctor analyzes and coaches you on your work habits, he will only be able to treat your symptoms and not the root cause.

Becoming a Computer Athlete is all about how YOU can change your habits and work environment to reach a state of pain-free computing. Avoiding computer related injury will provide you with almost incalcuable benefits.

I really hope that this idea catches on because it has the power to dramatically change how people with chronic pain are treated and “cured.”

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